The Jeffco Schools Foundation is piloting PCHP Jeffco in Jefferson County Schools, the second largest school district in Colorado, which serves more than 85,000 students. Despite Jeffco students consistently out-performing their Colorado peers at every grade level and in every subject, there are pockets of poverty and homelessness throughout the county. 

Over three years, PCHP Jeffco will work with 126 young families living in poverty in neighborhoods served by Alameda and Bear Creek High Schools in Lakewood. In 2012-2013 Alameda High School had a free and reduced lunch rate of 76.2%. At Bear Creek High School, just a few miles southwest of Alameda, the percentage of students on free or reduced lunches has increased by more than 50% in the last five years.

PCHP Jeffco will serve about 126 underserved families during the three-year pilot. After two years of home visits by our trained paraprofessionals, their children will enter kindergarten with the same cognitive and social-emotional skills as middle-class classmates.

Our program commenced in Fall 2013. Our well-qualified staff is housed at Peiffer Elementary School. Becky Feuerstein, our Supervisor, recently retired as the Director of Early Childhood Education in Jefferson County Schools. Suzie Reichert, our first Coordinator, recently retired as the Director of the Jefferson County Norma Anderson Preschool.

 Underserved families in Jefferson County are falling further behind with education every year. TV time does not translate into literacy preparation in the brains of 2- and 3-year olds. They need human connection with conversation. And that is why the Jefferson County PCHP Advisory Group is so passionate about bringing the Parent-Child Home Program here. The Advisory Group is responsible for raising the funds to support this pilot and will provide guidance in making it a sustainable program. The cost of each family served will be less than $3500 per year after the initial start-up.

The Jeffco Schools Foundation Board of Directors and Staff are listed on their website:

The PCHP Jeffco Advisory Group

Anne Burkholder, Co-Chair
   Civic leader and former teacher

Steve Burkholder, Co-Chair
   Former Lakewood Mayor 
   Former Chairman of the Board, West Chamber

Senator Moe Keller, Co-Chair
   Retired CO Senator and Chair of the Joint Budget Committee
   Vice President of Public Policy, Mental Health America of CO

Senator Norma Anderson
   Retired CO Senator and majority leader
   Retired CO Representative and majority leader

Earl (Buddy) Douglass
   Senior Vice President, Redstone Bank,
Lakewood, CO
   Member Board of Trustees, Jefferson County  Public Library

Hereford Percy
   Member and Past Chairman, CO Commission on Higher Education
   Retired President, FirstBank-North

Diana Wilson
   Former Lakewood City Council member
   Past President, CO Municipal League

George Valuck
   Executive Director, Alameda-Gateway Community Association
   Co-Founder, Boys & Girls Club of Jefferson County

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PCHP Awards and Endorsements

PCHP has repeatedly been recognized for over 40 years as a highly effective program that produces results.  A partial list of these endorsements and commendations, which are independent evaluations, follows:

"Promising Program that Works," Rand's Promising Practices Network (2012)

"Bright Spot Program," Annie E. Casey Foundation's Campaign for Grade-Level Reading (2011)

Top Tier of "Most Effective Early Intervention Programs," Early Intervention: The Next Steps, An Independent Report to Her Majesty’s Government by Graham Allen MP (2011)

“Strong Evidence of Effectiveness,” National Dropout Prevention Center’s Model Programs (2010)

“Promising Research Evidence,” California Evidence-Based Clearing House for Child Welfare (2008)

“Successful Model Program,” Center for Studies of Child and Family Mental Health, National Institute of Mental Health, (1978)

“Model Compensatory Education Program,” National Center for Education Communication, U.S. Office of Education, (1972)